Front Bedroom

Winter 2006-7


"Idgie's Room" is on the front of the house and features a beautiful bay window. The woodwork here is much plainer than in the Master (simple mitred corners on quarter-sawn white oak), but it has its charms. And no, that's not my stuff!

Ceiling Patched Ceiling
In contrast to the Master, the ceiling was in fairly good condition and required just a few taping repairs... after, that is, we scraped all the textured, popcorn paint from it. Once the major disruptions were taped, I used caulk to disguise the more subtle flaws. Click the right hand photo for more detail on the technique.
Former Closet Inspector Idgie

Here we have the wall where the closet for this room used to be. When they put the bathroom on the other side, they needed the space that the closet was taking up. The repair job was pretty disppointing, so we did what we could to improve it (under the ever-watchful eyes of Princess Idgie!).

1920s Art Rug

Our one absolute treasure of a find (so far) was in this room: under the wall-to-wall blue carpet and a truly... interesting... layer of 1950s sheet flooring, there was this fantastic 1920s art rug! It's 9x12 and has just one small tear, but a thorough cleaning and fresh coat of floor wax shined it up like a new penny. The joy we felt at finding it was tempered by the fear that the wallpaper/color scheme, already chosen for the room, would fight with the art rug. To our surprize and relief, the whole room came together as if it was planned that way.


The woodwork was buried in layers of old paint. Imagine our surprise at finding white oak hiding underneath it all! Some creative hole-filling was required, after years of nail-up curtain rods, but it wasn't all that bad. A new apron had to be made to replace a bug-eated one in the bay window, but after milling and applying a little backbanding to add some shadow lines, we were happy with the results.


Getting some additional white oak to add a chairrail to the room was surprizingly difficult. We may live in the Pine Tree State, but that has no bearing on oak! Everyone we spoke to would have to ship it in. Finally, I found someone right in town, a retired fellow who ran a planer in his garage. Great price, great product, great result!

Finished Ceiling

Now that is a nice-looking ceiling! Remember the mud and caulk? A simple solution proved to be best. We were lucky enough to find this nicely-sculptured fan months earlier, with the intent of using it elsewhere, but as this room came together, it simply seemed made for it.
As you can see below, Idgie took possession of the room even before it was finished, and as soon as the room was finished, the house guests started showing up. They had to share!

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