Lower Attic

It seemed advisable to take advantage of Efficiency Maine's incentive program and have an energy audit to see where the real areas of concern were for heat loss. Imagine my surprise at finding that the attic space above the back addition (built in 1946) was completely uninsulated.

In Maine.


Time to cut a hole in the ceiling of the laundry room and take care of business. Know what I found?

The surprise of space Lower Attic

Well, guess what? It took about 6 hours, but there's a nice pink blanket up there now. There had been great piles of blown-in insulation in two of the corners... a miss-fire when the walls were done. I spent three hours crawling around, banging my head on rafters, and relocating that fluff into three wall bays that had been completely missed and topping off others that had settled.

Pink Blanket In Place

Three hours after that (and yet another weekend sojourn to the home center) there's an 8" pink blanket of R-30 in the lower attic space.