Bridge Street Foursquare

A sympathetic renovation of a 1914 American Foursquare

Home, Sweet-- err... Sweat-- Home

This is a chronical, of sorts, of the love/hate relationship entered into when renovating an old house. To be clear, we love our house; it's just that we hate either undoing the ill-considered, poorly executed repairs of those that came before us, or making up for the neglect that is far more prevalent.

Historic restoration wasn't our goal with this building: it was going to be lived in. We opted for a sensitive renovation, intending to keep as much original material as reasonably possible while adding some desperately needed updates; basic stuff, like grounded electricity and modern plumbing.

We have found that creativity, a sense of humor, and a very gifted best friend are the best tools to have when faced with a renovation! In each of the pages that follows, remember that this site is as under construction as the house, so be patient. Clicking on an image will provide the option for larger views and futher information about the image and/or process.

Time to open the door and come on in... just be sure to put the doorknob back on when you're through.

Bridge Street

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