Spare Room

Two views, via the dining room, of the original spare bedroom, with the previous owners' accoutrement.

Spare Spare 2

And one more looking through the dining room from the living room as we finally move in:


This little room has become incredibly useful. Located off the dining room and beside the laundry, it is part of the addition to the house built sometime in the mid-40s. Its relative location made it a bit odd to us, until we found all the things it could be used for, not the least of which is a catch-all when company's coming, or extra sleeping space for same!

In late March, it turns into the Flower Room. Most of the property's flower gardens get their start from seeds started here under the warmth of grow lights. The whole house smells like dirt for two months, but the outside looks like a million for the rest of the season... fair enough.

So far, it seems clear that this room needs to maintain its versatile character, while gaining in functional storage. With this in mind, this plan for a built-in bed seems ideal (click the photos for plans):

Cottage Trundle

Adding this to the opposite wall should make things complete:

Book Nook