Heartbreak Ridge

Where we list our setbacks...

Currently, the heartbreak is our (formerly) perfect fence, which would be much less heartbreaking if we hadn't done the whole thing ourselves. Thanks to 96" of snow and a new driver of the sidewalk snowplow, the dog can now walk to the top of the fence and hop (down) to the other side.

Unfortunately, all that snow repeatedly thrown on the fence got dense and heavy, and over the course of a couple of months, the weight of it ripped the fence apart.

This what it looked like in the spring of 2006:

Bridge Street

In some of the 102" of snow in February 2005. A lot of snow, to be sure, but the sidewalk guy made a point of shooting the snow ten feet into the yard in a long snow berm; he was so tidy!

Winter 2005

And this is what it looks like in March of 2008, with 96" so far. This year's sidewalk guy spent the first few storms shooting the snow and ice off the sidewalk and directly into the fence. As the pile continues to condense in the freeze-thaw cycle, it wraps around the fence, gets heavier, and pulls the fence apart. As the ice melts, the full damage continues to be revealed:

FencelineFence Panels

FencepostWaves over white

With the first storm of fall 2008, the fence is torn up again. Great-- if it's not the city, it's the guy that plows out the house across the street. Apparently he doesn't know this is illegal.