It was going to be hard to make things any worse...


With the water runoff from the neighbor's roof (to the right) and its own runoff attacking the base of the ground-contact structure, the inevitable rotting of the right side of the foundation resulted in a garage that leans uphill. How cool is that?

Just a coat of primer

But, by removng the asphalt ramp, the hill of clay, and the scrub trees behind it, and adding a coat of primer, a new mud sill, and some beautiful fall colors, it's much less a sow's ear! After approaching our neighbor to explain the water runoff problem, and how I'd like to dig a trench right along the property line to put in a drainage pipe, his response was "When do we start?" He even put up a gutter on his house to reduce the water problem. Did I ever mention that the best part of this house is the group of neighbors that came with it? You can't buy that kind of good luck!

New Garage

Indeed, full replacement is necessary, but at least it looks a little better now. A modification of this garage plan is hoped for, with a size of 16'x22' (the garage is currently 12'x20', including the rear bumpout).