The whole enchilada

Yes, that's right, sports fans: this is everything. Oh sure, we have a stove and refrigerator (stage right), but all the cabinets (all six) and the expansive countertop (all 6 sq. ft.) can be seen in this simple view from the house's rear entry. Given that the space measures a generous 13'x16', one has to wonder why nobody, in 90 years, ever thought of adding a shelf or two.

I think it's safe to say that the only change made in this room was in the '40s sometime, when they installed the sink; the lovely, cleanly kept, rag-keeping-the-leaking-faucet-under-control sink. It's good to be Home!

Unfortunately, Home will have to wait a while. It may be unattractive and storage-hungry, but it is functional, and many other things are less so. More later, but here are a couple of possibilities.


Original Kitchen


Option 3


Kitchen 2